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Our latest content update, Season Three: Genesis, will be available in December 2010. In Genesis, you'll experience Star Trek Online in all new ways. Between new item sets, a complete revamp of Sector Space and the ability to create your own missions, Star Trek Online is better than ever! Here's some of what you can expect in Season Three: Genesis:
Introducing: The Foundry Beta

Have you ever wanted to design your own mission in Star Trek Online? Here's your chance! The Foundry for Star Trek Online will enter public beta when Season Three debuts. Using The Foundry, you can construct Episodes and share them with your friends. If you're not interested in designing missions, you'll still benefit from The Foundry: Player-created missions will be available to you to play and enjoy, right alongside the Episodes you know and love today.

The Foundry Beta for Star Trek Online is a living, breathing feature within the game, and we still need your feedback to make it as dynamic and engaging as possible. So be ready to let us know what you think!
Episode Replay

Hop into the Holodeck! In Season Three, you'll be able to replay Episodes you've enjoyed previously. Some will even feature new, Episode-specific rewards! Nearly every mission in Star Trek Online is available for Replay.
New Special Task Force Loot

Admirals and Generals have been confronting the greatest threats to the Alpha Quadrant for some time. In Season Three, you'll be able to integrate Borg technology into your ships. This new loot from Special Task Force missions will greatly augment your ship's usefulness as well as its appearance. At your discretion, the new Borg-based items will appear on your ship. Whether it's a new weapon assembly or upgrade to your ship's engines, you'll be able to show off your crew's battlefield prowess.

Already like the look of your ship? Not to worry; displaying the effects is entirely optional. You'll still receive the bonuses these new items afford without compromising the look of your ship.
An All-New Sector Space

You asked for it. We listened. We've revamped Sector Space to give it a more realistic look and feel. We've reworked everything in favor of a much cleaner, minimalist experience. Space needs to look and feel big, and we've taken a step in that direction in Season Three.
During Season Three

While Season Three's launch is an event in itself, we'll still be debuting more great content shortly afterward. Here's some of what we have planned after Genesis debuts:

Gorn Customization: Additional ways to customize your Gorn characters.
Exchange Updates: Improvements to the Exchange to make the experience more holistic.
New Loading Screens: More eye candy while you wait.
C-Store Additions: Including the Star Trek Motion Picture uniform, Open Jacket Uniform Variants, new ships and more.

More Content For Everyone

We've got some great new features headed your way, too. Some new improvements include:

Klingon-Specific Updates: Access to Pi Canis, a 200-day Veteran Reward, crafting and more!
New Item Sets: New STF and crafting rewards.

Even More on the Way

These are only some of the changes, fixes and updates in Season Three: Genesis. For a full list of what's bundled into Season Three: Genesis, please visit the Engineering Reports forum.